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Professional dog training in McKinney, TX


Meet our Trainer

Hello I am Megan!

I have been handling and training dogs for over three years now. During this time, I have been successful with hundreds of loved pets, not only ensuring that they developed the behaviors to assist them and their families in day-to-day life but teaching their humans how to handle and communicate with their dogs to become a team!I am always looking to expand my knowledge and enjoy attending seminars and learning the most I can from other wonderful trainers from all over. When I’m not at work, I am either at home with my family or training with my personal dogs Idol and Krueger! We participate in several dog sports including PSA (protection sports association), scent work, dock diving, and hopefully many more! My goal is to provide both the family and the pet the tools to live an easier, happier, and a healthier lifestyle!

Puppy waiting for treat.

Dog Training Approach and Philosophy

We take a relationship-based approach to training that combines several training methods based on the science of learning theory and supported by decades of research. This individualized approach focuses on enhancing the relationship between you and your dog and is tailored to meet your needs.

Our trainer uses positive reinforcement training techniques backed by research and our programs are designed to build confidence, reduce stress, and support a happy, healthy, trusting relationship between you and your dog.

This approach leads to a deep and meaningful bond and a well-behaved, confident, and happy dog.

German Shepherd looking at trainer.

Dog Training in McKinney

If you’re looking for the best dog training in McKinney, you’ve come to the right place. To find out more or book your pet’s stay, please contact us today!

Training Individual

  • 5 | RRR | Day Board & Train:


  • 10 | RRR | Day Board & Train:


  • RRR | Day Board & Train Session:


  • RRR | Daycare & Train Session:


  • RRR | At Center | 60 Minutes:


  • Dog Training | 4 Private Lessons:


  • Dog Training | 8 Private Lessons:


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Puppy sniffing at treat held by person

Training with Boarding

  • Rover Resort Board & Train | Hybrid Puppy Program:


  • RRR | Board & Train | 2 Week Program:


  • RRR | Board & Train | 4 Week Program: