Here at Rover Resort’s Dog Daycare, our goal is for your pupperino to play and socialize as much as possible throughout the day so they return home tired and content.

Dog daycare is perfect for busy working pet parents or for when you need to spend the day running errands or attending an event.

While your pooch is playing with their canine companions at doggy daycare, our experienced team monitors your pet’s behavior and comfort while they exercise and socialize. Dog daycare is also a perfect introduction to our Rover Resort family if you plan on boarding your pup with us.
smiling shiba inu dog on the grass looking at his owner in dog daycare at rover resort

About Our

Dog Daycare Policies

Dog daycare is available Monday through Saturday during our normal business hours. Ideally, we ask that you reserve your pooch’s playdate for the day so we can prepare for your pup. You are welcome to drop off and pick up your pet at any time to fit your busy schedule. Each dog will be assigned their own suite or a shared suite with a friend, based on availability. In each canine suite, individual drinking water, snacks, and a cozy bed are available to fulfill all your pupper’s needs while playing.

Based on the weather and your dog’s play preference, all daycare dogs are taken out in either small supervised groups or individual play times.

Keep in mind that during holidays, spring break, and summer vacations, suites are often limited during these peak seasons. Reservations are required to hold your pup’s spot in daycare.

For the safety of all our canine guests, each daycare attendee must be current on vaccinations, and records are required.
springer spaniel and dachshund playing on the grass in dog daycare at rover resort

Dog Daycare Rates

Our rates for doggy daycare are as follows:
Standard Suite$32 / Day / Dog
With Outdoor Patio includes a 5’ x 8’ climate-controlled interior room with a doggy door to a private 5′ x 8′ covered patio
10 Day Package$290 ($29 per day)
springer spaniel and dachshund playing on the grass in dog daycare at rover resort
pitbull taking a bubble bath at rover resort

Spa Day Retreat

Rover Resort offers a day of personalized pampering for your precious pooch, paired with an energetic morning romp in dog daycare for exercise and making new friends. During your pup’s Spa Day Retreat, you may choose for your pet to have a complete professional groom or select from our Spa-La Carte menu.

Our Spa Day Retreat includes:

Private or shared suite to relax in along with a morning of active play

One-on-one personal attention in the afternoon from a professional groomer

A happy and clean dog when you pick up your best friend

Spa-La Carte Menu

Basic Bath - $30 - $40

Nail Trim - $28

Basic Bath with Nail Trim - $35 - $45

Dog Daycare

in McKinney

If your pooch needs a day of fun when you’re at work or running errands, enlist the aid of Rover Resort! At one of the largest, most luxurious doggy daycare facilities in the Prosper, Celina, and McKinney areas, your pupperino will be surrounded by canine—and human—companions all day long. To provide your pup with a fun-filled day of activities while you’re stuck at work, call us to schedule a doggy daycare package.
dogs playing in dog daycare at rover resort