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Dog Boarding
We'd love to have your dog as our guest!

No matter how much you want to, sometimes you can’t spend every second with your precious pup.

When you head out of town and you can’t take your pooch with you, trust in the compassionate team at Rover Resort to care for your beloved dog like family. We offer cozy boarding suites with top-notch amenities and additional pampering packages to ensure your furry pal enjoys their own vacation. For five-star luxury dog boarding in the Prosper, Celina, and McKinney areas, trust in the team at Rover Resort to provide top-of-the-line care.
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Dog Boarding

Policies and Rates

When your furry pal comes to stay with us, we can welcome them to their lavish suite as early as 8 am, and we ask that you please pick up your pup by 3 pm (12 pm on Saturday’s) on the final day of their stay. Check-outs after 3 pm on weekdays will automatically be billed $25 per pet.


Your canine companion has a variety of options when staying in our suites. Our accommodations and rates are as follows:
Standard Suite$59 / Night / Dog
With Outdoor Patio, 5′ x 8′ climate-controlled interior room with a doggy door to a private 5′ x 8′ covered patio.
  • $47 / Night / Second Dog (Shared Suite)
  • $37 / Night / Third Dog (Shared Suite)
VIP Suite$77 / Night / Dog
With Outdoor Patio, 8′ x 10′ climate-controlled interior room with ceiling fan, big picture window, TV (movies) and a doggy door to a private 8′ x 10′ covered patio.
  • $50 / Night / Second Dog (Shared Suite)
  • $40 / Night / Third Dog (Shared Suite)
  • $30 / Night / Fourth Dog (Shared Suite)
Junior Suite$64 / Night / Dog
With Outdoor Patio, 5′ x 8′ climate-controlled interior room with a doggy door to a private 8′ x 10′ covered patio.
  • $52 / Night / Second Dog (Shared Suite)
  • $42 / Night / Third Dog (Shared Suite)
Interior Suite $54 / Night / Dog
4’ x 4’ Interior suites. Play music or TV 24/7. Located in our main building just off the Lobby. Size limited to one 65 lb. dog or two small dogs. Ideal for quieter pets that may not want to socialize or prefer not having a patio. Includes seven outings into one of our many play spaces every day.
We recommend two dogs maximum per suite unless they are less than 45 pounds.

During your pup’s stay, they have 24-hour access to their outdoor patios, plus they receive a minimum of seven different yard times throughout the day—four for play, and three for bathroom breaks. Your pooch also receives a late-night bathroom break.
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Holidays and Spring Break


Major holidays and spring break reservations require a $100 non-refundable deposit per suite upon booking. The deposit only applies to that specific stay. If you cancel your reservation, this deposit is non-refundable and not applicable to any other visit.

Additionally, If you fail to show without calling or cancel a holiday or spring break reservation within seven days of arrival, not only is your deposit nonrefundable, but your entire originally booked reservation will be billed to your authorized payment on file.

Rates are subject to change without advance notice. All reservations require a credit card to be added to your file upon booking. Reservations canceled within 24 hours of arrival will be automatically billed for one night.
german shepherd dog lying down licking his own face at rover resort
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Food and Personal Belongings

Fromm Adult Classic, a premium chicken and rice dog food, is complimentary for all our canine guests staying at Rover Resort. You may also choose to bring your pet’s own food to avoid disrupting their diet. Stainless steel bowls are provided for meals and are sanitized after each meal. A large variety from the Fromm food line is available for purchase in the lobby, as well as other toys, chews, and bedding for the fun and comfortable care of your furry family member during their stay with us.

Pets are never without water—we use reverse osmosis filtered water—that is freshened frequently throughout the day.

At check-in, each doggy guest is assigned an individual area to safely store food and any extra belongings required during their stay. If desired, please bring toys, bedding, or small items that might make your pet feel more at home. Much like summer camp, we highly recommend writing your pet’s name on items brought to the resort. All owner instructions for care, food, and medication are carefully recorded on each individual room card, as well as in the central computer system. We are happy to give your dog most medications or supplements at no additional fee.
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Special Services

Every evening, we will prepare your beloved companion’s suite for a good night’s sleep and arrange their bedding and pillows for their comfort. We will provide bedding and blankets as necessary; however, if your pet has a special blanket, toy, t-shirt, or crate that will make their stay more enjoyable, feel free to bring it along. Just prior to bedtime, we will have an evening potty break and a snack upon return to their room for bed. Water bowls are refreshed before we say good night.

Suites are cleaned daily with an enzymatic cleaner and throughout the day as needed. After each pet leaves, the walls, floors, and doggy doors of the suite are scrubbed down with a disinfectant and completely sanitized for the next guest’s arrival.
happy greater swiss mountain dog in a dog boarding at rover resort

Additional Activities

Activities can be split into two 15-minute sessions and can be mixed and matched. Below is a list of the activities we offer to keep your pup happy and entertained:

TLC Time offers a one-on-one session with a member of our Fetch Crew to cuddle, brush, or play with your pup

Nature Walks are leash walks on our 12-acre grounds through wooded trails, around the pond, and around the large pasture outside of the play yards (chain collar or harness required)

Fetch Time offers off-leash individual play time with your pet’s favorite toys, like tennis balls or Frisbees

Splash Time allows your pooch the chance to cool off by taking a dip in the doggy pool and splash around with canine-friendly water toys

We also offer Rover Resort Photo Cards. A photo of your pet enjoying their stay-cation with us can be taken (minimum four nights required) for a Rover Telegram. We post a picture of your pup’s fun antics on our Facebook page and email you a special note.

Required Vaccinations

Current vaccinations for Parvovirus, Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella are required. Bordetella (i.e. kennel cough) is required every six months. Please fax, email, or deliver current vaccination records several days prior to your check-in date to avoid any last-minute confusion. We recommend that your dog is updated on vaccinations at a minimum of 24 hours prior to their visit, but ideally two weeks, prior to their stay.

Dog Boarding

in McKinney

For the plushest amenities for your canine companion while searching for dog boarding in the Prosper, Celina, and McKinney areas, look no further than Rover Resort. At our all-inclusive resort, your four-legged friend will be treated like royalty in our palatial accommodations. Call now to book your pooch’s stay with us!
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