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Why Does My Cat Stay Up All Night?

As the proud owner of cats, you may have noticed that cats are excellent sleepers. Cats are known to sleep twice as much as humans and have no difficulties falling into a deep sleep in a matter of moments. However, your cat may not be as respectable when it comes to your sleep! It’s a common experience amongst cat parents to be startled awake as your kitty darts across your furniture at 3 am in the morning, knocking and tumbling your decorations all the while. 


The main reason why your kitty prowls the hallway in the dead of night is due to them being crepuscular, which is an animal that is most active at dawn and dusk. This period of time is when your cat will be most active, looking to hunt, play, eat, or even disturb your sleep for attention. 


Cat’s are also unphased by the sleep hurdles we humans face. Cat’s don’t have that awful sleep inertia that keeps us groggy in the morning. Cats are able to essentially fall into REM sleep without a hitch. 


Your best approach to keep your kitty from disturbing your sleep is to keep them active during the day. Allowing your cat to nap deeply during the daylight hours without simulation is the perfect recipe for a nocturnal and energized cat! 


Take the initiative and be a proactive pet parent to keep your car stimulated both physically and mentally to avoid late-night disruptions. 


Rover Resort is Here to Look After Your Cat!

Here at Rover Resort, we will cater to your feline friend’s every want and need. We have deluxe suits designed for feline recreation specifically situated away from our canine boarding area. In our boarding facility, your cat will have both privacy and a place to decadently lounge. Call us today to book your cat’s luxurious stay away from home!

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