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How To Give Your Cat The Exercise They Need

Cats, just like their doggy rivals, need plenty of exercise to stay both mentally and physically healthy. Pet parents both new and old, know that a cat’s main occupation is to lounge. As predators, cats are adapted to conserve their energy and expend it in short bursts. As a responsible pet parent, it’s up to you to ensure your cat is receiving that essential ingredient of physical activity daily. 


The best way to ensure your cat uses their pent-up energy is through plenty of play—especially when the hunting instinct is tapped into. Read below to learn play activities that will keep your feline companion both athletic and emotionally satisfied. 


Exercising your cat can be fun and engaging, here are some tried and true methods to both entertain and give your cat a workout:


  • Wand Toys: Cats love to hunt, and nothing is more tantalizing than a dangling and teasing toy. When your cat lunges and catches their swaying prize, they’ll feel as if they completed a hunt!
  • Laser Pointers: A quick and effective way to get your cat running and chasing. However, be sure to reward your kitten with a physical treat or toy after the play session.
  • Hidden Treats: By hiding treats and toys around your home, you will stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct as if they were stalking for food in the wild. 
  • Cat Puzzle Toys: An excellent way to keep your cat’s mind sharp and engaged is to encourage their curiosity and problem-solving. 


Cat’s love to explore, climb, hunt, and investigate their surrounding environment. If you are confident in your cat’s independence, an open-door policy to the outdoors can prove to be an excellent way to encourage natural exercise in your feline friend. 


We’ll Take Care of Your Cat at Rover Resort & Spa

At Rover Resort & Spa, we offer only the most luxurious and comfortable accommodations for your feline companion to enjoy. We will provide your cat with special one-on-one services that will ensure your loved one get’s all the attention and play they need to flourish in their home away from home. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about our services and boarding requirements!



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