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Groom Your Pet In McKinney


It’s important to get your pet groomed regularly. Not only does it give them comfort and confidence, but it can be very beneficial for their overall health as well. Traditional grooming services include trimming the nails, cleaning the ears, brushing the fur, giving the pets a bath, and brushing their teeth. Grooming your pet has many benefits for your pet such as: 

  • Keeps your pet smelling clean 
  • Provides your pet with an excellent hygiene routine
  • Checks your pet for any flea or tick infestations
  • Detects of skin irritations and other health issues
  • Reduces the chances of ear infections
  • Prevents bad posture and bone deformations by regularly trimming the nails
  • Provides a healthy and shiny coat and gets rid of any matting of the fur


While there may be many different grooming facilities in the McKinney area, selecting a groomer that offers a wide variety of services and has the experience and training to take care of your pet’s hygiene needs is key. At Rover Resort & Spa, we offer a la carte services such as moisturizing treatment, facials, foot care, dental care, etc. or a suite of personalized grooming services that includes: 

  • Nail and pad assessment
  • Nail trim and Dremel filing
  • Ear plucking and cleaning
  • Thorough combing and brushing
  • External anal gland expression
  • Sanitary trim
  • Double bath with shampoos designed for your dog’s coat type
  • Hand drying or drying banks
  • Clipping or hand scissoring to style
  • Finishing decorative touches of either bows or a bandana

Visit Rover Resort & Spa For Your Pet’s Grooming Needs

Although your shaggy pooch is adorable, it may be time for a fresh new look. For dog grooming in the Prosper, Celina, and McKinney areas, trust in the experienced groomer at Rover Resort to give your fluffy friend a show-worthy haircut. Give us a call to schedule a day full of pampering for your furry pal at our spa in Rover Resort.


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