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5 Ways to Reduce Your Cat’s Litter Box Odor


As adorable as our cats are, sometimes the present they can leave in their litter boxes can even make our neighbors wonder what’s going on! If you’re looking for ways to control the odor from your cat’s litter box smell then you’ve come to the right place. Try the following tips to reduce the litter box smell:

  • Clean your cat’s litter box every day: The simplest and most effective way to manage the odor from your cat’s litter box is to clean the box at least once a day. Regular scooping and cleaning will drastically reduce the odor. 


  • Wash the litter box every few weeks: In addition to regularly cleaning your cat’s litter box, you should wash the entire box thoroughly with soap and water every few weeks. Be sure to protect yourself from any bacteria by wearing gloves and avoid cleaning the litter box in the sink with your kitchenware. After you wash the litter box, replace with fresh litter. 


  • Keep your cat’s litter box in an area with ventilation: A great way to manage the smell of the litter box is to place the box near a window or exhaust fan so that the smell can dissipate. Avoid placing the litter box in a confined area or the odor can linger for weeks. 


  • Add baking soda to the litter: Surprisingly, baking soda is a great all-natural deodorizer that is both safe for cats and can help manage the litter box smell. By mixing a little bit of baking soda with the litter, you can help absorb any urine odors also. 


  • Watch your cat’s diet: A particularly strong odor from your cat’s litter box could be an indication that there is an underlying problem. Consult with your vet about your cat’s diet and make sure it includes fresh whole foods. Unhealthy dietary habits can lead to foul litter box smells and other health issues. 

Board Your Cat at Rover Resort

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and luxurious place to leave your precious kitten in Prosper, Celina, and McKinney areas, look no further than Rover Resort. With our deluxe cat suites that are situated well away from the canine boarding area for maximum privacy and relaxation, your kitty will love their luxurious home away from home! Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment!

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Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!

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