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5 Telltale Signs Your Dog Adores You

Are you sure your dog loves you? Dogs and humans have a unique relationship that has been shaped by the years. Although dogs can trust anyone, they will naturally form a stronger bond with someone they consider family. Below are five signs that your pooch loves and trusts you as their pet parent!


  • Tail Wagging: A dog who is happy and comfortable with the environment around them will likely wag their tail when in a social setting. If your dog’s tail is wagging furiously when you approach, this indicates that they are pleased to see you.


  • They're not shy: Dogs who are uncomfortable with new people or places tend to be shy around strangers or in new environments. However, if your pup is comfortable with someone (you) then they will often be more outgoing and confident than usual. If your dog follows you from room to room, takes initiative to greet you at the door, or snuggles up next to you when you’re on the couch together, these are all signs of bonding and trust between pet and owner!


  • They follow you everywhere: Your dog doesn’t follow just anyone around the house—usually only those he loves most. If your pup follows you from room to room while you get ready, this is a sure sign of the bond you share.


  • Friendly Barking: A friendly bark is a sign that your dog wants to get closer to whatever or whoever he’s seeing. This type of bark is typically a short one, and can sometimes be accompanied by a wagging tail or a body that leans forward slightly.


  • Face Rubbing: When dogs rub their faces against something—or someone—they love, it means they want to make physical contact because they like that object or person. Your dog may also offer his paw for you to shake as another sign of trust.


These are just a few of many signs that your dog loves and trusts you. Remember to always be mindful of your pup’s behavior, as it will help you to understand their needs and wants not only as a dog but as a loyal friend and companion.


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Bring your dog in for a day at Rover Resort, and they will be spoiled with the best care, styling, and grooming. The experienced staff at our grooming spa is waiting to brush and fluff up your pooch. Contact us today to get your pup’s day of pampering booked!


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