Dog Boarding Rates and Info

Rates and Specifics for Your Dog’s Visit

Room Rates

Standard Suite with Outdoor Patio

5′ x 8′ climate-controlled interior room with a doggy door to a private 5′ x 8′ covered patio.

  • $50 / Night / Dog
  • $40 / Night / Second Dog (Shared Suite)
  • $30 / Night / Third Dog (Shared Suite)

Junior Suite with Outdoor Patio

5′ x 8′ climate-controlled interior room with a doggy door to a private 8′ x 10′ covered patio.

  • $58 / Night / Dog
  • $48 / Night / Second Dog (Shared Suite)
  • $38 / Night / Third Dog (Shared Suite)

VIP Suite with Outdoor Patio

8′ x 10′ climate-controlled interior room with ceiling fan, big picture window, TV (movies) and a doggy door to a private 8′ x 10′ covered patio.

  • $72 / Night / Dog
  • $42 / Night / Additional Dog (Shared Suite)

We recommend two dogs maximum per suite unless they are less than 45 lbs. Advanced reservations are preferred and secured with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card at the time of booking.

Rates are subject to change without advance notice. All reservations require a credit card (Master Card or Visa) for confirmation. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of arrival will be automatically billed for one night.

Holidays and Spring Break Reservations


Major holidays and Spring Break reservations require a $100 nonrefundable deposit per suite upon booking. The deposit does apply towards only that specific stay. If you cancel your reservation, this deposit is nonrefundable and not applicable towards any other visit.

Additionally, If you “no-show” or cancel a holiday/spring break reservation within seven days of arrival not only is your deposit nonrefundable but your entire originally booked reservation will be billed to your authorized payment on file.

Summer Reservations

Summer bookings may require a one-night nonrefundable deposit at the time of reservation to secure your pet’s suite(s).

More Boarding Information

Check-In and Check-Out

  • Check-In begins at 8:00 am
  • Check-Out time is before 3:00 pm

Note: Check-outs after 3:00 pm will automatically be billed $25 per pet.

Food Provision

Precise Foundation, a premium pet food, is complimentary to all guests staying at Rover Resort, or you may choose to bring your own food with your pet as not to disrupt their diet. The choice is yours. Also available for purchase, we offer Pulsar, Fromms, Solid Gold, Stella & Chewy’s, and Precise Naturals and Precise Holistic pet foods.

Pets are provided water (we use reverse osmosis filtered water) that is freshened frequently during the day.

Personal Belongings

At check-in, each dog is assigned an individual area to safely store extra food, and any extra belongings required during their stay. If desired, please bring toys, bedding or small items, which might make your pet feel more at home. Much like summer camp, we highly recommend writing your pet’s name on items brought to the resort. All owner instructions for care, food, and medication are carefully recorded on each individual room card, as well as on the central computer system. We are happy to give your pets most medications or supplements at no additional fee; however, see our special needs package for lengthy and very specialized care. See Special Needs Packages >

Turn-down Service

Every evening we will prepare your pets suite for a good nights sleep and arrange their bedding and pillows for their comfort. We will provide bedding and blankets as necessary; however, if your pet has a special blanket, toy, t-shirt, crate or anything that will make their stay more enjoyable, feel free to bring that along. Just prior to bedtime we will have an evening potty break and a snack cookie upon return to their room for bed. Water bowls are refreshed before we say good night.

Maid Service

Suites are cleaned daily with an enzyme cleaner and throughout the day as needed. After each pet leaves, the walls, floors, and doggy doors of the room are scrubbed down with a disinfectant and completely sanitized for the next guest’s arrival.

Required Vaccinations

Current vaccinations for Parvo, Distemper, Rabies (every one-three years depending on your residence)and Bordatella are required. Bordatella (or canine cough) is required every 6 months. We may consider accepting an alternate vaccination protocol with a written recommendation from your veterinarian. Please fax, email, or deliver current vaccination records several days prior to the check-in date to avoid any last-minute confusion. It is also advisable to receive your updated vaccines at a minimum of 24 hours prior to your visit. If possible, it is also advisable to receive vaccinations two weeks prior to your pet’s stay.

Assumption of Risk and Medical Attention Policies

Every client bringing a pet to Rover Resort must adhere to our Assumption of Risk and Medical Attention Polices.