What’s That Sound, Mom?

Does your pup feel the stress of fireworks and thunderstorms?
Does your pup feel the stress of fireworks and thunderstorms?

Fireworks and Thunderstorms.

Does your pup LOVE fireworks? Probably not.  Holidays and fireworks are often stressful times full of anxiety that breaks our hearts by seeing the anxiety our pups feel. Around these holidays many shelters are full with dogs that have bolted, escaped, and injured themselves. What can you do to lessen some of the anxiety our pets feel about fireworks or even thunderstorms? Here are some tools available at Rover Resort that you can use to help lessen your dog’s anxiety:

Music and Sound Therapy

Music CD
Music CD

Through a Dog’s Ear. Musical CD clinically tested to calm dogs and reduce anxiety. Nine beautiful classical piano positions have been specifically rearranged to reduce anxiety in dogs. Recommended for all fear and anxiety issues, Music to Calm Your Canine Companion also creates a healthier sound environment for everyone in the dog household. Available in the Rover Resort boutique. On sale $12 each. 



Dog Anxiety Shirt

  • The Thundershirt applies pressure through the abdomen area of the dog and lends to a calming effect. ThunderShirt’s patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs.
  • Already helping hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats across the country
  • Great for storms, separation, travel and many other anxieties
  • No need for training


Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Pets
Essential Oils for Pets

Essential Oils are a favorite and natural tool to help calm and lessen a dog’s anxiety. Veterinarians like Dr. Nancy Brandt, DVM, CUA, CVC and Barbara Fox, DVM, recommend using ONLY Young Living Essential Oils because of the high quality, therapeutic grade of the oils. We do not recommend that you use any other brand of oils on your pets.

Peace and Calming – helps to reduce nervousness, stress and anxiety. It promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being.

Lavender – Calms and relaxes the nervous system. 

Valor– Promotes self-esteem, courage, and confidence.

Stress Away – Brings feelings of peace and tranquility and supports the nervous system.

How To Use Essential Oils:  Simply place a drop of the oil into your hands and pet onto your dog. Do not apply around nose, face, or inside ears. You may also diffuse the oils by placing 5-12 drops of the desired oil into a Young Living diffuser.  You may also rub the oil on a surface such as a bed, blanket, pillow or even YOU!

We have all these oils in stock in the boutique at Rover Resort and we’re giving away free samples of Peace & Calming and Lavender on Thursday, June 29th and Friday, June 30th.

Free Samples of Lavender and Peace & Calming for 4th of July

If you’d like more information on the safety and use of essential oils, as well as read more about the essential oils suggested in this article, please visit our website at www.yldist.com/roverresort.  If you want to order these oils at a 24% discount, you may become a member of Young Living with a 10% new member discount through June 30th. You’re also invited to attend a Pups and Their Peoples Class on Wednesday evening, June 29, if you’ve not been introduced to essential oils and would like to learn more.  Call us at 214-544-7387 for all the details.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July.

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